Dolphins, Oceans, Photography and Life – this is what I am most passionate about and this is Voice for the Blue.

Voice for the Blue, is my way of raising awareness of the atrocities that occur in Taiji Japan, every year during the annual dolphin and whale hunt season.  The slaughter of 20,000 dolphins and small whales begins each year on September 1 and typically runs through until March of the following year. Fisherman herd pods of dolphins and small whales into the shallow waters of the infamous cove, select those deemed beautiful for a life of captivity, mercilessly stab and drown the remaining pod to death.  Voice for the Blue will provide information on how you can get involved and help bring an end to the annual dolphin hunt in Taiji. In December of 2013 I decided to make the trip to Taiji, Japan and joined the Cove Guardian campaign Operation Infinite Patience.

I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and spent the majority of my life in Regina, SK. You might wonder how a prairie girl can have such a love for dolphins, whales and the ocean? Well, I’ve been a dolphin lover since before I can remember and yes I have actually seen the ocean and even swam in it many times. I have been to Sea World, spent a day at Discovery Cove and have visited many aquariums. I only wish that what I know now I had known back then, but then again it is our experiences who shape us into the people we are today. After finally seeing the documentary the Cove, my eyes were opened to a world I did not even know existed. While the Cove may be hard to watch in some respects the educational aspect of it is far more important. Since viewing the Cove my perspective on dolphin captivity has changed drastically. I have now taken the vow to never see another dolphin show or participate in a swim with dolphin program.


I am also an on-shore volunteer with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. In December 2013, I joined Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for Operation Infinite Patience as a Cove Guardian in Taiji, Japan to document the annual dolphin slaughter.



A little bit more about me: At the age of 15 I left home to attend Athol Murray College of Notre Dame located in Wilcox, SK.  Notre Dame is an integral part of the person I have become today and the school motto of Luctor et Emergo (Struggle & Emerge) will always be a part of who I am.  I eventually went on to attend the University of Regina and earned my Bachelor of Arts, Psychology with Distinction.  I have recently chosen to pursue what has always been the other passion of mine (besides dolphins!), Photography.  After taking an Intro DSLR weekend course, and finally learning how to properly use that expensive camera of mine, I was totally hooked. Since then I’ve been trying to take as many photos as possible. I once read that if you want a career that you truly enjoy, then find your passion and once you know what that is, then find a way to make money from it. To further pursue photography, I enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography’s Professional Photographer course and graduated in November 2015. I’ve finally managed to set up website strictly for my photography, if you would like to see some of my work check out: www.memoriesbymel.ca

When I think back on some of the best moments in life so far, I would have to say that the birth of my niece and then nephew are two of the highlights of my life. Becoming an Auntie, can only be described in one way … immediate unconditional love! And of course I would never forget my loyal companion who was with me for 14.5 years, my late dog, Abby.

Collage 2014-08-20 19_51_43


After the loss of my dog, I have been unsure on whether or not I am ready for another dog and only time will tell. In the mean time I have decided to volunteer with Prairie Sky Dog Rescue and am very much looking forward to photographing some of the adoptable dogs in their care and helping them to find a forever home.


For the dolphins!


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