Thomas Gainard: Held & Interrogated for 6 Days in Japan

Thomas Gainard Has Been Found – Via Paul Watson

Thomas took the ferry from Korea to Japan and was not heard from for 6 days.

Where was he?

Calls to the Japanese Immigration authorities were met with the answer that they did not know who he was and that he had not entered Japan. This of course was a cause for serious concern.

Last seen on a Ferry to Japan but according to the Japanese at the point of entry of the Ferry Terminal at Fukuoka, he did not enter the country and they had no information on his whereabouts.

Thomas was released today, He had been held for interrogation by Japan wanting to know why he was attempting to visit Japan. During the 6 days he was held he was not allowed to contact anyone. This denial of his rights caused great stress and worry to his friends and family.

Why was he being interrogated and why was he denied entry? He was not wanted for a crime and had not committed any crime.

But he is a former Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian and he had in the past been to Taiji, Japan to witness the horrific slaughter of the dolphins.

It appears that simply witnessing the dolphin slaughter is cause for being detained and interrogated whenever any Cove Guardian tries to re-enter Japan.

In Japan it seems that bearing witness to the slaughter of dolphins is an activity that the Japanese have deemed subversive and anyone who has witnessed the slaughter is now being denied entry to the entire country.

He is now on a ferry back to Korea where he expects to be detained and questioned again. We are relieved to know he is not missing and has not been arrested.

Japan where brutal killers are protected by the State and where compassion is punished harshly.

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